Welcome to Tedaisy 

A diverse, ambitious insurance group

The Tedaisy Insurance Group’s core focus lies with pet, travel and other niche insurance markets that require expert solutions. Formed in 2019, the Group is made up of three ambitious companies, each a leader in their respective field. It is through these companies and their associated trading brands that the Group distributes innovative, marketing leading products to insurance brokers and consumers.


We are specialists in… 

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance



As a group of companies, we share the same core values in that our products and services are backed by a solemn promise. A promise of security and protection for the consumers who buy our products, and a commitment to our agents and broker partners to bring quality products to market, whilst providing the best service we can at competitive costs. Our mission is to remain proactive, flexible and innovative, so we are able to meet the changing demands of everyone involved in the insurance chain. In fact, we’re determined to change the way insurance is sold – in a way that creates simplified, quicker processes and introduces new and improved ways to sell, buy and manage claims through digital enhanced journeys. We believe technology combined with human support is the way forward!

Meet our group companies


Offering competitive insurance solutions exclusive to the UK broker market. Alpha is a Managing General Agent (MGA) and has a binding agreement with insurers to manage risk and exposure on the insurer’s behalf .


Trading as Now Travel Insurance, the company targets families and budget travellers with low cost, value for money travel cover, online. Now’s products are marketed predomiantley through UK aggregaor sites.


Trading as Perfect Pet Insurance, Intrinsia Brokers operate as a broker selling cat and dog insurance direct to online consumers and marketed through highly trafficked UK aggregator sites.


As a specialist pet insurance claims handler, Intrinsia Claims handles claims for Intrinsia Brokers and third parties. The company formally began trading in July 2019.

A customer centric approach to insurance 

We’re passionate about challenging the ‘norm’ and finding new ways to enhance customer experiences through technology. Which is why we embrace digital transformation, artificial intelligence and everything Fintech, allowing us to create an environment where insurance innovation can truly thrive!

Our customers are always at the heart of what we do, and we care about safeguarding their interests. So when developing new products and upgrading our trading systems, it’s the buyer and system user that is front of mind.


Our group services division

Companies within the Group are supported by Tedaisy’s internal services division, specifically created to ensure the smooth running of each business. This allows our managing directors to focus on growing their companies and to do what they do best – lead! The Group Services team is made up of highly skilled individuals who bring a wealth of experience from previous roles in the insurance industry.

HR & Recruitment 

Finance & Accounts


Binder Management

Quality Control & Peer Review



Meet our group board 

Our board members have many years’ experience in the insurance industry and a track record for developing profitable businesses.

Paul Byrne, Group CEO, is the majority shareholder and has been building insurance businesses in the UK market since 2000. Paul makes himself available to assist with strategy, troubleshooting, development and acts as a general sounding board for the executive management team.


Group Chairman & CEO, Managing Director of Alpha Underwriting


Managing Director of Tedaisy Insurance Group Services


Managing Director of Intrinsia Brokers & Intrinsia Claims

Together we…



expert insurance solutions


with data driven technology   



through multiple channels