Insurance Group

Ambitious. Passionate. Brave.

Our group companies

Driven by data, led by technology and powered by experience

Tedaisy Underwriting Ltd

Specialising in pet and travel insurance, Tedaisy Underwriting provides services to Group brands and manages external schemes and capacity provided by third party insurers by supplying underwriting analysis, rating structures and policy wording expertise.

Tedaisy Insurance Brokers Ltd

Managing Group retail brands, Tedaisy Insurance Brokers have significant expertise in product distribution ranging from price comparison sites, affiliate partnerships and direct marketing through PPC, social media and other media platforms.

Tedaisy Claims Ltd

Tedaisy Claims has an expert team with unrivalled experience. The team handle claims on behalf of the rest of the Group and provide an end-to-end service, managing claims from the start through to settlement for retail and wholesale customers.

Delivering expert insurance solutions for niche markets specialising in pet and travel

Creating value in every element of the insurance chain


Creating value is integral to everything we do.

As a group of companies, we work in tandem to shape our products, our company culture and our processes for the benefit of everyone involved in the insurance chain.

We focus on four main areas of expertise: underwriting, products, distribution and claims administration.

Together we bring products to market that address the demands and needs of today’s online consumer, while providing the best possible service at the best possible price.

We do it with ambition, passion and bravery!


Our underwriting approach ensures that we balance the needs of our insurers with the demands of our customers.


Packed with crucial features and benefits, our products offer consumers value for money.


We work with third parties who share our customer centric ethos and commitment to delivering digitally enhanced customer experiences.


Our efficient and rapid handing of claims contributes greatly to customer satisfaction while achieving optimum outcome for our capacity providers.

Empowering our people so that insurance innovation can truly thrive

We hire talented people and empower them to drive change through the provision of data and technology. Why? Because we know that when people are empowered they not only gain a heightened sense of job satisfaction, but they are more inspired to achieve great things! We work hard to make this happen. As a result, our teams demonstrate agility, deliver dynamic strategies and are creative at every turn.

Using data to do insurance better

As forward-thinking industry experts, we harness functional, behavioural and media data to continuously improve our business model

Better for customers

We use data to deliver the right products and to improve customer experience.

Better for risk management

We use data to make meaningful risk assessment and minimise risk exposure.

Better for business

We use data to streamline our processes and reduce our operating costs.